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Manbuild Ingredients – Mystery Herb “X”

One of the 3 mystery Manbuild ingredients is “X”. It is a plant that grows in central Peru in the high plateaus of the Andes mountains. Natives there has been cultivating this as a vegetable crop for at least 3,000 years. In plant family, this ingredient is a relative of the radish. It also an odour like butterscotch.

Other than Peru, plant “X” prevalent in other South American countries. Thus is great for men looking for more stamina and strength. This is a natural holy grail for men’s vitality. For sure a wonder plant that intrigues me in my quest to concoct a magic formula. All for my personal consumption, both for exercise and bedroom!

Even better, you can eat this plant can baked or roasted, prepared as a soup, and used for making a fermented drink. For Manbuild, there is a strong concentration of this plant. This is to make sure that the extract goes straight into the capsules. with all its goodness retained.

Theobromine is an natural alkaloid. There are traces of it in caffeine too. Bodybuilders like to eat food high in theobromine forButvious benefits. But, through my studies, I have come to realizze a fact. That is, this substance has contributed to aphrodisiac aspect in chocolate (cocoa). Meaning cocoa does have some roles to play in the sexual health. This is due to its ability to improve on the level of theobromine and nitric oxide.

Manbuild Ingredients – Mystery Herb “Y”

One of the 3 mystery Manbuild ingredients is “Y, which is a plant native to the warm temperate regions of Europe. Well, I can’t tell you what the American Dietetic Association had to say about it. One thing is sure, Y is effective in building strength and muscle. Hence there is a need to include it in my formula!

Ingredient “Y” is a vine plant with a long history of use in countries or regions like Greece, India and Africa. The ancient habitants used it as a food supplement on top of their normal diets. But, I was more interested in different reports about it. Which is this magical vine might help me in my quest to regain the prowess of youth.

Besides, I was very encouraged and motivated by the positive results. This feelgood factor comes after I notice I have improvements on most muscles. This is something which I can only attribute to one thing. That is the concentrated ingredient “Y” I put in every Manbuild Muscle Capsules.

Manbuild ingredients with L-arginine
Manbuild has ingredients which are high in L-arginine. It is one of the most common natural amino acids. Arginine helps to build up body proteins. It also stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. It helps in the production of Nitric Oxide which supports good blood circulation. That is so essential in the erection process! There are 2 trials (*references can be found here). These men in the trial are all concerned about their nitric oxide levels.


Manbuild Ingredients – Mystery Herb “Z”

One of the 3 mystery Manbuild ingredients is “Z, which grows in Asia and is common in that continent. It’s common name comes from goat herds. That is, the herder found his goats appeared to enjoy more energy after eating it. More interesting in a way the goats seem to have much more energy to mate!

No bad thing I thought. Hence my interest in it as a concentrated ingredient in my Manbuild Muscle Capsules. I found that ingredient “Z” had also attracted considerable interest. Especially from the some scientific community. They have researched it and compared it to certain well known.

It is different non-food methods of achieving the desired aim. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much more than this but I have put links to some interesting articles. Feel free to check these out and you will understand why I am feeling so excited over this product.




manbuild pot 2 transparent

improve male potency

Improve Male Potency with Manbuild

Let’s talk about how to improve male potency with Manbuild.

There are several sexual improvement drugs are in many over-the-counter pharmaceutical stores. Some require prescription, while some do not need. At the same time, there are many herbal supplements for better erectile performance. Manbuild belongs to the latter category, but it is for the power and virility for men over fifties. In terms of male potency effectiveness, it is right up there. And without any doctor prescription. If you are over fifty and you feel a lack of energy and desire, you can give Manbuild a try.

Manbuild’s main ingredients are herbal plant extracts. There are 3 mystery herbs in the concoction, 3 of the most potent herbs that improve man’s vitality. This makes Manbiuld safe and effective. Herbal plants, of course, are effective due to their healing natural elements. Besides, they enhance man’s sexual capacity and performance.

Formulated under strict development processes, Manbuild is the ideal answer for older men who are experiencing sexual difficulties.

Improve Male Potency with Exercises

Manbuild is one of the healthy male enhancement capsules for men. There are some practices that you can do while taking this supplement. You can get sufficient rest, reduce smoking and drinking, as well as eat the healthy food. Besides, regular exercises is also a proven technique to improve male potency and manhood. It helps develop endurance and strengthens the heart and better blood circulation.

It makes sense to start strength-training exercises. This will help to build stronger muscles. These are essential for physical activities like sex.

Besides, having regular dose of movement means that we are confident, sexy and attractive. Not only for ourselves but with our partners as well. Remember, though, that aside from regular exercise, get enough sleep. Ensure you have enough doze at night times, and this is important. Not getting the right amount of sleep each night can make one feels moody. This is not ideal in a romantic atmosphere.

It is also a must be be happy and positive. No matter how hard life is at the time, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping a positive outlook in life can bring positive changes in mentality.

Besides all these simple and practical tips, always complement your life with regular dosage of Manbuild. That is to achieve tip-top sexual and physical health at all times.

Health Benefits Outweigh the Rest

At first, it may appear to be extra costs for the daily budget. But Manbuild capsules actually offer several health effects. It helps improve one’s appetite, relieve stress and improve man’s energy level. Once you improve these, you will find that you look more youthful. Once you have these back, you will see your testosterone level increases. This means your urge to have sex will increase. You will experience stronger and harder erection too.

Having a regular exercise regime can double the potential benefits of taking Manbuild. Blood circulation will work better and this means even better erectile quality.

While the above is the ideal cause, what if this is not possible? What if you still experience a significant reduction of sexual desires? In such a case, please consider to consume Manbuild three times a day for a period of 3 months at least.

By that time, magic may happen again at the least expect moment. Like during a romantic dinner or seeing a sexy girl in the street. Or you get that long lost morning wood again.

For more information, understand how Manbuild can boost male potency and virility.